Zac DeLane is a design educator working to help train, develop, inform and develop the everyday generation of students, thinkers, educators, and humans, into everyday designers. Through his human-centered design process: questioning, researching, prototyping, and making--students and the public alike learn about how we as humans can question the everyday objects we look at and observe every day, and learn how they can implement it into their day-to-day lives. By noticing, as Zac says "the little things" (and what his Mom calls 'over-reacting'), Zac believes that anyone can be a designer. His interest and on and off research focus on civic design, specifically developing wayfinding and design systems that fuse the methods of industrial, graphic, and interaction design methods. This leads him to engage in studying how humans interact with the everyday environment.

He's currently studying design at UT Austin and is on track to graduate in 2024. He hopes to become a high-school or college educator in the field of design and engage in freelance work.
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